Leaving no one behind in Tomorrow’s Cities

Shahid, S and Pelling, M
Tomorrow's Cities
May 2020

Leaving no one behind in Tomorrow’s Cities: Strengthening gender, intersectionality and social inclusion in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond

This comment identifies four mechanisms through which the COVID-19 crisis can be leveraged to enhance awareness and integration of marginalized groups and individuals into research and management of multi-hazard risk. The primary focus is on women and girls, but the analysis is intersectional and considers also marginality by disability, age, ethnicity and citizenship. The comment recommends:

  • Ensuring equal representation and meaningful participation in disaster (including pandemic) management by women, non-binary and gender non-conforming persons and grass-roots communities.
  • Application of sex-age, disability inclusive disaggregated data and targeted interventions for all vulnerable groups.
  • Gender inclusive social protection and financing for economic response and recovery.
  • Leaving no one behind in building back to a new normal.