COVID-19 Implications on Africa’s Research and Policy

Africa Research and Impact Network-ARIN
Working paper
July 2021

COVID-19 Implications on Africa’s Research and Policy. Insights from ARIN International Conference 2020

That the twenty-first century would be marked by complex challenges has been a long-accepted fact. The catastrophic impacts brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic have however crystallized the nature of such challenges. As the pandemic continues to claim millions of lives, devastate economies and rapture socio-economic safety nets, governments and other actors the world over has sought swift and effective remedial responses. But as is becoming apparent, the longer-term impacts of COVID-19 might be severe and far- reaching. Hence the need to explore the immediate, short- and long-term impacts of the pandemic.

From 18th to 20th November 2020, The Africa Research and Impact Network convened the inaugural ARIN Annual Conference to spur an international dialogue on lessons for post-COVID-19 research and policy. The conference focused on three thematic areas: Climate Change & COVID-19, Cities & COVID-19, and Science Technology and Policy & COVID-19, all of which are central to the ways in which the society has interacted with the pandemic.

The conference built on a series of ARIN COVID-19 in Africa dialogues convened between the months of April and November 2020 that brought together key stakeholders from the academia, policy, and practice to generate insights and lessons for strengthening Africa’s research and policy inresponding to the pandemic and post-COVID-19 recovery plans.

This technical report presents insights shared during the conference from over 100 scholars, policy makers, and innovators drawing on their experiences from different African contexts and beyond. The deliberations comprised eminent keynote speeches, thematic panel sessions, book chapter presentations, and side-events.