An introduction to Khokana visioning workshop

Khokana visioning workshop
Dilli Poudel

The effective activation of a Decision Support Environment (DSE) - a computation tool to analyze future multi-hazard risks - relies on the future visioning of desired risk-sensitive urban planning in tomorrow’s cities. Against this backdrop, researchers of the Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) organized a visioning workshop in Kathmandu on 29-30 December of 2021. In this two day workshop, SIAS invited the local communities of Khokana, which is located in the ward no. 21 of Lalitpur Metropolitan City in Kathmandu Valley, and facilitated an envisionining of “how they would like to see Khokana city and achieve ‘a good life’ in the next 20 years”. The workshop included a diverse range of participants including farmers, entrepreneurs, ward officials, members of the ward disaster management committee (WDMC), and representatives from women, marginalized, migrant (WMM), and local political parties. 

This video provides a broad overview of the workshop process and its outcomes. The participants were categorized into four groups namely Ward, WDMC, WMM, and Sano Khokana and envisioned different scenarios of their future city categorizing them into themes such as disaster & risk management, infrastructure development, agriculture, economy, health and sanitation, culture, education, security. A broad finding of this workshop suggests that there are diversified ways of achieving a good and resilient life depending on the socio-economic positionalities of the participants