New Webinars - Key dates and themes for July-October

Researchers and project managers working on the Hub are welcome to join the second series of webinars

The new series will begin on Thursday 30 July 2-3pm BST with the first of two Multi-Hazard webinars, Multi-Hazard Interrelations in Tomorrow’s Cities, which will be followed on Thursday 06 August 2-3pm BST by Reducing Multi-Hazard Risk in Tomorrow’s Cities.

The Multi-Hazard webinars will be facilitated by Bruce Malamud (King’s College London), Joel Gill and Ekbal Hussain (British Geological Survey). The purpose of the two webinars is to explore, collectively, what is meant by ‘multi-hazard risk’ in the context of Tomorrow’s Cities activities, and the opportunities that multi-hazard approaches present to strengthen risk reduction.

  • Webinar 1 (Multi-Hazard Interrelations in Tomorrow’s Cities), will give a short background presentation (multi-hazard terminology, hazard interrelations, approaches, benefits to risk reduction) and create a space for Hub partners to identify, share and reflect on relevant multi-hazard interrelations in the four hub cities.
  • Webinar 2 (Reducing Multi-Hazard Risk in Tomorrow’s Cities), will build on city multi-hazard scenarios developed in the previous workshop to address questions such as (i) how does the risk change through the dynamic responses of the natural environment, exposure and vulnerability, (ii) what anthropogenic activities may exacerbate or reduce the impacts of selected multi-hazard risk scenarios, (iii) what policy and planning interventions could reduce risk from selected multi-hazard risk scenarios, (iv) how useful is this methodology of ‘scenarios’ for considering risk in Tomorrow’s Cities?

Note: Attendance at webinar 2 is not dependent on being at webinar 1.

These interactive webinars will involve a mixture of short plenary presentations and group exercises, with an emphasis on listening to and learning from the city teams.

These two cross-cutting themes are relevant to all Tomorrow's Cities colleagues, research, practice or policy partners. The webinars will dedicate significant time to listening to perspectives from each of the four cities, and we therefore strongly encourage city teams to participate.

Please register for Webinar 1, Multi-Hazard Interrelations in Tomorrow’s Cities, here:

Future Dates: The series will run as follows (all webinars will begin at 14:00 BST):
  • 06 August - Reducing Multi-Hazard Risk in Tomorrow’s Cities
  • 27 August - Citizen Science #1
  • 03 September - Citizen Science #2
  • 10 September - Floods
  • 17 September - Earthquakes
  • 24 September - Landslides
  • 01 October - Fire
  • 08 October - Physical Vulnerability #1
  • 15 October - Physical Vulnerability #2
Shout out !

We'd like to start naming the Hub webinar series and would like to ask you for your input - if you have any suggestions of famous scientists from your country, or geological features in your country, that you think it would be appropriate to name our webinar series after, please let me know.

We look forward to seeing you at Multi-Hazard Interrelations in Tomorrow’s Cities on 30 July.