Strengthening community-based disaster management institutions to tackle COVID–19 and local disasters

Poudel, D.P., Upadhyaya, R and Timsina, N.P.
Tomorrow's Cities
May 2020

The effects of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 have been very apparent as people, politics, and economics of the world have been brought down to a grinding halt. Almost all of the governments around the globe are grappling to contain the spread of the virus, and the government of Nepal is not an exception. A glimmer of hope in this lockdown is on the skills of global medical science. We all believe that sooner or later medical science will guide us back to a post-pandemic society. However, while dealing with it at present, it has laid bare the capacity of our government and other institutions which are involved in risk management.

This article first appeared in New Spotlight Magazine, 26 April 2020, accessed here.