Tomorrow’s Cities At The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2022 (EGU22)

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While some team members are in Bali representing Tomorrow’s Cities at the 7th session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP2022), others will be in Vienna attending the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2022 (EGU22), contributing to it with the presentations across multiple sessions.

Join our presentations:

Session NH10.1, Innovative approaches for multi-hazard risk assessments and their applications to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

Mapping future exposure to multiple hazards in Tomorrow’s Cities: the Khokana, Kathmandu, Nepal case study

Aditi Dhakal, Suresh Chaudhary, Ramesh Guragain, Vibek Manandhar, Roberto Gentile, Gemma Cremen, Carmine Galasso, and John McCloskey
Mon, 23 May, 14:26–14:33 

Characterising the dynamic physical vulnerability of Tomorrow’s Cities to multiple natural hazards

Roberto Gentile, Vibek Manandhar, Gemma Cremen, Luke Jenkins, Emin Mentese, Ramesh Guragain, Carmine Galasso, and John McCloskey
Mon, 23 May, 14:33–14:40 

A Novel Decision Support Environment for Risk-Informed Urban Planning in Tomorrow’s Cities 

John McCloskey, Mark Pelling, Gemma Cremen, Carmine Galasso, Ramesh Guragain, and Vera Bukachi
Mon, 23 May, 16:10–16:17

A State-of-the-Art Approach to Modeling Future Multi-Hazard Risk, supporting People-Centred Decision Making

Gemma Cremen, Carmine Galasso, John McCloskey, and the Tomorrow’s Cities Early Career Risk Working Group
Mon, 23 May, 16:17–16:24

Physics-based simulations of multiple hazards for risk sensitive land use planning

Luke Jenkins, Maggie Creed, Karim Tarbali, Manoranjan Muthusamy, Robert Sakic Trogrlic, Jeremy Phillips, Hugh Sinclair, Carmine Galasso, and John McCloskey
Mon, 23 May, 16:24–16:31 

Unleashing the power of the interdisciplinary in disaster risk reduction: reflections from an early career researcher group developing a risk-informed decision support environment for Tomorrow’s Cities

Maria Evangelina Filippi, Robert Sakic Trogrlic, Gemma Cremen, Alejandro Barcena, Emin Mentese, Roberto Gentile, Maggie Creed, Luke Jenkins, Manoranjan Muthusamy, Karim Tarbali, Aditi Dhakal, Vibek Manandhar, Miksen Rai, Sangita Adhikari, Mehmet Kalaycioglu, Bosibori Barake, Dilli Prasad Poudel, Carmine Galasso, and John McCloskey
Mon, 23 May, 17:32–17:39 

Stakeholder Perceptions of Multi-hazards and Implications for Urban Disaster Risk Reduction in Istanbul
Emin Yahya Menteşe, Robert Šakić Trogrlić, Ekbal Hussein, Harriet Thompson, Emine Öner, Aslıhan Yolcu, and Bruce D. Malamud
Mon, 23 May, 17:46–17:53

Session NH4.2, Physical and data-driven models for seismic risk assessments toward disaster reduction

The effects of large-scale geological characteristics on the average spatial pattern of earthquake-induced ground motions
Karim Tarbali, John McCloskey, Himanshu Agrawal, and Carmine Galasso
Fri, 27 May, 15:35–15:40

Session NH9.9, Natural hazards: urban growth and health impacts

Dynamic risk scenarios for single and multi-hazards in the Global South: Nairobi, Istanbul and Kathmandu
Bruce D. Malamud, Robert Šakić Trogrlić, Ekbal Hussain, Harriet Thompson, Emin Yahya Menteşe, Emine Öner, Aslıhan Yolcu, Emmah Mwangi, and Joel Gill
Mon, 23 May, 08:35–08:45

Modelling increasing natural-hazard risk due to urban growth in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Carlos Mesta, Gemma Cremen, and Carmine Galasso
Mon, 23 May, 10:30–10:37

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