Tomorrow's Cities researchers interviewed on BBC World Service

A collapsed building in Istanbul

Image: Urban regeneration in Fikirtepe, Istanbul, in response to the ever present earthquake disaster risk. Tomorrow's Cities researchers are interested in what lessons can be learned from the recent Aegean earthquake about the need for risk-informed and inclusive urban planning and development.

The magnitude 7 earthquake which took place off Turkey's Aegean coast on 30 October 2020 left 178 buildings collapsed or damaged in Izmir province and on the Greek island of Samos. 113 people are known to have died as a result of the disaster. 

Professor Eser Çakti, City Research Lead of Tomorrow's Istanbul, and Professor Tiziana Rosetto, UK Coordinator of Tomorrow's Istanbul, were interviewed by BBC World Service's Science in Action show about the impact of the earthquake, how urban areas can be prepared for seismic activity and what measures Turkey is taking to reduce disaster risk in its cities.

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The interview with Prof. Çakti and Prof. Rosetto begins at 18:05

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