Vacancy - Interdisciplinary PhD project on Multi-Hazard Interrelationships

An informal settlement in Nairobi

King College London invite applications for an interdisciplinary PhD Studentship, which provides three years of funding (full-time equivalent, stipend plus fees) for a UK student based in the Department of Geography, supervised by Professor Bruce D Malamud and Dr Joel Gill (British Geological Survey).

Deadline for applications is 23 November 2020, interviews for short-listed candidates on 26 November 2020 and the successful candidate would begin February 2021.

The PhD student will conduct research related to Multi-Hazards Integrating Theme at Tomorrow's Cities. This multi-hazard theme aims to support each focus city to evolve from multiple ‘single-hazard’ perspectives (i.e., hazards are treated as being discrete or independent), to a more holistic approach that recognises the interrelationships between hazards (e.g., earthquake triggers landslides; flood increase probability of wildfire), and the impact of changing exposure and vulnerability.

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Photo credit: Ben Cappellacci, Flickr