Webinars - Key dates and themes for October - December

Researchers and project managers working on the Hub are welcome to join the third series of webinars

The new series will begin on Thursday 22 October 2-3pm BST with the first of three Safeguarding webinars: How do we ensure our impact is positive?

All of our work as a Hub is driven by a commitment to impact: to reduce disaster risk for the poor in tomorrow's cities. But impact can be bad as well as good.

Given the complexity of the challenge we seek to address, determining good from bad - and which of our activities may contribute to either - is a challenge obscured by irreducible ambiguity and uncertainty.

What does good even mean? From whose perspective? With what evidence? In which areas and over what timescales? And who decides?

This webinar is the first of three examining what ethics and safeguarding mean - in theory and in practice - for Tomorrow's Cities. Its purpose is to open-up conversation on the ethical challenges we face in delivering our mission. In doing so we will also discuss the differences between research ethics and safeguarding - and why we need both.


Dave Bell - the Hub's Knowledge Exchange and Monitoring Specialist


Sam Staddon - Chair of the Geosciences Research Ethics and Integrity Committee, University of Edinburgh

Clara Calia - Deputy Director of the School of Health in Social Science Research Ethics and Integrity

Richard Powell - International safeguarding specialist

The rest of Webinar Series Three will run as follows:
  • 29 October 1-2pm GMT - Safeguarding Two
  • 5 November 1-2pm GMT - Safeguarding Three
  • 12 November 1-2pm GMT - Citizen Science One
  • 19 November 1-2pm GMT - Citizen Science Two
  • 26 November 1-2pm GMT - Physical Vulnerability One
  • 03 December 1-2pm GMT - Physical Vulnerability Two
  • 10 December 1-2pm GMT - Hub Co-Directors