Research Data Management Policy & Implementation Strategy

Rob Baxter
Tomorrow's Cities
March 2021

This Research Data Management Plan is designed to enable a comprehensive and co-created approach to Research Data Management with UK/DAC partners and researchers which will align and enhance Tomorrow’s Cities (TC) mission and impact.

Data management goals

Tomorrow’s Cities has three principal goals for research data management:

  • to support each city in developing its own open data infrastructure, following the roadmap in “Open Data Infrastructure for City Resilience” (UNISDR 2018);
  • to create a data hub outside the Hub, both to support continuity and disaster recovery and to provide a common research environment for the Hub;
  • to facilitate data sharing and research pooling across the consortium, but particularly “south-south partnerships”.

Data use in Tomorrow’s Cities

The Hub will create, collect and collate data of multiple types from multiple sources centred in the four global cities, for a number of research purposes:

  • detailed local mapping of hazards and vulnerability, incorporating local knowledge;
  • real-time monitoring of hazards, their impacts and people's responses;
  • initialisation of predictions and models (both manual and computer-based);
  • verification and improvement of predictions and model (to build trust in their accuracy);
  • characterisation of multi-hazard events;
  • assessing and improving risk management systems (hazard, impact, response);
  • reassessment and reuse of the research.