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In the context that we live in, risks abound and are systemic in nature. Proliferating risks are emerging in ways never anticipated before. We now live in a world where one hazard cascades to multi-hazards and a never-ending chain starts.

Maobe, A., Atela, J | Policy/practice brief | Sep 2021 | Tomorrow's Cities

Cities of the Future: Pathways to a resilient African city beyond COVID-19 - Insights from the Preparatory Seminar series towards the 2020 ARIN International Conference ‘Africa in the Post-COVID-19 World: Lessons for Research and Policy

Africa Research and Impact Network-ARIN | External publication | Jul 2021 | ARIN

COVID-19 Implications on Africa’s Research and Policy. Insights from ARIN International Conference 2020

Africa Research and Impact Network-ARIN | Working paper | Jul 2021 | ARIN

Tomorrow's Cities | Impact story | Jul 2021 | Tomorrow's Cities

Una práctica común en los sectores urbano – marginales y rurales de nuestro país y específicamente de la ciudad de Quito en cuanto a la provisión de servicios básicos, consiste en implementar medidas sustitutivas que les permitan adecuar sus viviendas con las condiciones mínimas de habitabilidad.

Policy/practice brief | Jul 2021 | Tomorrow's Cities


Policy/practice brief | Jun 2021 | Tomorrow's Cities

Disasters and their associated risks have continued to evolve in complexity, forms, frequencies, and severity.

Haron, A., Randa, T., Chengo, V., and Atela, J | Opinion | May 2021 | Tomorrow's Cities

Global policy frameworks, such as the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, increasingly advocate for multi-hazard approaches across different spatial scales.

Malamud, B. D., Mwangi, E., Gill, J. et al | External publication | Apr 2021 |

In this paper, we discuss the dynamic nature of risk through the lens of multi-hazard relationships and scenarios. Disaster risk is commonly expressed as (Risk = Hazard × Exposure × Vulnerability).

Gill, J., Hussain, E., Malamud, B., and Sakic Trogrlic, R. | Impact story | Apr 2021 | Tomorrow's Cities

Istanbul is a major global urban centre. With city expansion expected to continue over the next few decades there is a real opportunity for urban growth that incorporates disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Hussain, E., Cakti, E., Yolcu, A. et al | External publication | Apr 2021 |