Roberto Gentile

Roberto Gentile
Risk Agreement Lead / Lecturer in Catastrophe Risk Modelling UCL

Roberto's research aims at advancing catastrophe risk modelling using and developing statistical and probabilistic tools.

His research is particularly focused on the advancement of physical vulnerability models, multi-hazard vulnerability, time-dependent seismic fragility, lifecycle loss assessments, combination of hazard insurance and structural retrofiting, optimal retrofit design under humanitarian constraints (especially in developing countries).
With a strong background in earthquake structural engineering, Roberto is advancing the seismic assessment and design of building and infrastructure, particularly concrete buildings and bridges.He's interested in a direct loss-based seismic design methodology, aiming at structures that would achieve, rather than be bounded by, a given earthquake loss under the relevant seismic hazard.

In Tomorrow's cities he is the 
Risk Agreement Module co-leader; but also works in the Computational Model Module.