Socialising Tomorrow’s Cities

Dilli Prasad Poudel, Rojani Manandhar, Anushiya Shrestha, Swosthi Thapa, Salu Basnet
February 2024

This publication provides an overview of the deployment of the Tomorrow's Cities framework in Rapti, Nepal. It discusses the engagement of diverse community groups in city planning processes and the importance of co-production of city plans to ensure equity and resilience. The socio-ecological diversity and multi-hazard risks of the Rapti/Deukhuri valley are highlighted, along with the involvement of local communities in the decision-making process. The text outlines the aspirations, land use plans, and policies envisioned by various community groups, emphasizing the integration of social and spatial aspects in future cities. It also proposes policy recommendations for local authorities to promote socialization and resilience in future cities.