Incirli Pedestrian bridge links the Bakirköy and Bahçelievler districts of Istanbul by crossing over the D100 highway and being exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic in peak-hours, since it is the only way to reach the Metrobus line for the people live in the neighboring area.

Istanbul, landslides are the first largest disaster in terms of the number of incidents and the second-largest natural disaster after earthquakes in terms of affected houses. There were 1,153 landslides reported in Istanbul, 908 earth sliding, and 245 rockfalls.

Cevizlibağ Metrobus Overpass has a very important place in Istanbul transportation due to its high pedestrian density and its location on the main road with heavy vehicle traffic.

The history of the neighbourhood is a methodology for promoting self-reflection about how humans modified the environment and at the same time bringing back memories of risk for discussing its role in people's everyday life.

The effects of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 have been very apparent as people, politics,

and economics of the world have been brought down to a grinding halt. Almost all of the

governments around the globe are grappling to contain the spread of the virus, and the

Do social adaptations increase earthquake resilience?

Grandparents in earthquake-prone Chile teach children to identify load-bearing walls, and the Philippines has developed an internationally respected disaster management system.

Air quality in cities is influenced not only by emissions and chemical transformations but also by the physical state of the atmosphere which varies both temporally and spatially.

The inhabitants of Latacunga living in the surrounding of the Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador) are exposed to several hazards and related disasters.

COVID-19 Implications on Africa’s Research and Policy. Insights from ARIN International Conference 2020