A new perspective on urban flood risk management – a Nairobi case study.

As developing cities grow, so does the exposure to a multitude of natural hazards such as floods. These are especially problematic for informal settlements. What is needed therefore is an adaptable approach to urban flood risk management in developing cities. With that challenge in mid, Tomorrow’s Cities researchers in Nairobi have developed an integrated methodology that allows for the understanding of evolving flood risks at various city scales.

A street in Kathmandu

Authors: Timsina, N.R. with input from Poudel, D.P., Upadhyaya, R., and Shrestha, A

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The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed worldwide the multi-dimensional vulnerability of contemporary societies under the neoliberal logic.

Women working in Kathmandu

Leaving no one behind in Tomorrow’s Cities: Strengthening gender, intersectionality and social inclusion in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond