Landslide Risk Report of Istanbul

Dar, E
Tomorrow's Cities
Internal publication
November 2020

Istanbul, landslides are the first largest disaster in terms of the number of incidents and the second-largest natural disaster after earthquakes in terms of affected houses. There were 1,153 landslides reported in Istanbul, 908 earth sliding, and 245 rockfalls. The social and economic losses of landslides can be reduced by effective planning and management. These approaches can be summarized as follows.
a) Limiting residential areas in places at high risk of landslides
b) Compliance with regulations on excavation, filling, landscaping, and building
c) Monitoring of groundwater level, slope surfaces, and structures in risky areas
with measuring devices to prevent or control landslides.
d) Development of early warning systems.
This report summarizes the research escapades and investigates the characteristics of past landslides, especially in Istanbul. For this purpose, in the second part of the report, landslide prediction methods and the factor of safety are explained. In the third section, landslide risk assessment methods are discussed. In the fourth chapter, multi-hazard risks are highlighted and the importance of landslides in multi-hazard risks is discussed. The fifth chapter includes past research on disaster risk management. In the sixth section, the landslide hazard of Istanbul is reviewed separately for 14 regions. The results obtained in this report are summarized and discussed in the conclusion section.