Mapping DRR institutions and actors across scales from centre to local: Kathmandu, Nepal

Poudel, D.P., and Blackburn, S
Tomorrow's Cities
Working paper
March 2020

This is the first report coming out of Work Package 1: Theme 2 (Governance and Institutions) for the Tomorrow’s Cities GCRF Hub in Kathmandu city. It constitutes a qualitative institutional mapping of formal and informal organisations and key stakeholders involved in DRR governance in Kathmandu, across all scales from national to local. This report was finalised shortly following the Kathmandu City Hub Launch on Friday 28th February 2020. It draws on fieldwork constituting a first round of expert interviews and literature review conducted by Dilli Poudel from July-December 2019. It also builds on the Khokana field report released by SIAS in July 2019. The data contained in this report (including the Appendices) should be considered a work in progress; they will be built upon in subsequent rounds of fieldwork and used to refine research questions going forward.