The Quito Hub has launched the Digital Platform “Reducing Risks in Quito"

La Andesita

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The digital platform reflects the interdisciplinary and co-productive work of the Quito team. It was developed with the objective of raising awareness about the relationship between urban development and disaster risk for new generations, with the aim of becoming an important communication tool to inform risk prevention. It was put together through a series of workshops with two pilot schools in Quito so it is tailored for teenagers through multimedia content including podcasts, interactive timelines and maps. It is designed to be used in the classroom to use examples from disaster risk to teach within different subject areas (Science, Literature, Physics, Social sciences/humanities). In this way, the platform combines the knowledge generated through the synergy established between different researchers from the Tomorrow's Cities, coming from different areas of expertise (historians, geologists, civil en​gineers, visual anthropologists, pedagogists, artists and web designers) and school children and teachers. It draws from historical testimonies, maps, satellite images and past photographs, as well as event datasets, to imagine future scenarios and the impact of urban planning decision on future risk. The interactive dimension of the platform incorporates exercises and surveys to reflect on how risk knowledge can be included in decision making processes. 

Visit to explore the platform and La Andesita's YouTube channel for podcasts and other content