Tomorrow’s Cities and Covid-19: A discussion

Pelling, M
Tomorrow's Cities
April 2020

Covid-19 has changed the context for working and will likely change the local and policy landscape for the Tomorrow's Cities Hub - it has and will have a major relevance for our collective work and its legacy.

In this document we outline the main aims for Tomorrow’s Cities and map out five entry points for working with Covid-19. These offer initial thoughts on how Covid-19 might be considered in our collective work, as well as opportunities for contributing to policy or practice on Covid-19 within broader processes of equitable resilience building.

Discussion does not seek to cover all the areas of relevance that disaster risk management, crisis management, resilience or transformative action can bring (this is no less important but the focus for another conversation!). The aim here is to identify the specific contribution of Tomorrow’s Cities Hub given focus by our:

Mission: To reduce disaster risk for the poor in tomorrow’s cities


Aim: To catalyse a transition from crisis management to multi-hazard risk-informed urban planning and decision-making