The Visioning of a Future Resilient Nairobi

A photo of Nairobi

On 7 August 2020 the Nairobi Risk Hub hosted a consortium of stakeholders at the The Nairobi Visioning Workshop. The workshop brought together key policy actors drawn from the National and County Governments, civil society, UN agencies, professional societies, the private sector and academia. This workshop facilitated the stakeholders to identify a shared vision for a future resilient Nairobi.

The participants first identified potential challenges and opportunities towards building resilience for the urban poor.  Largely private sector driven development with minimal government regulation stood out as a key impediment to urban poor resilience. While acknowledging the critical role played by the private sector in service provision, participants thus advocated for government regulation of private sector service provision and the need for a balance in both government and private led development to enhance resilience of the urban poor. Secondly, they established the role of science in integrating disaster risk management in urban planning and development processes as a key contributor towards a more resilient Nairobi.

By creating a shared vision of a future resilient Nairobi, this workshop was the first step in establishing a Community of Practice around Disaster Risk Reduction. Going forward, this Community of Practice will guarantee continuous contribution to the city’s resilience building by either helping guide the research or as participants in the research itself.

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Photo credit: Nina R